POP3 Client Setup
To configure POP3 client access please use the following servers and follow the instructions below.

Incoming POP3 Server: pop.yourdomain.com
Outgoing SMTP Server: mail.yourdomain.com

Optionally... to take of advantage of our clustered mail service use the following mail servers:

Incoming POP3 Server: pop.dominomail.net
Outgoing SMTP Server: smtp.dominomail.net

All clients must use authentication to both receive incoming mail and send outgoing mail. The same username/password is used for both incoming and outgoing mail. This added level of security is required to prevent spamming of our mail network.

POP3 Client Setup
There many tools available to retrieve POP3 mail... the most popular is Microsoft Outlook Express (packaged with Internet Explorer and most Windows installations). The steps below do not represent the complete installation of a POP3 mail account in Outlook Express and assume you have setup a POP3 account before.

You should follow the standard Setup Wizard using your POP3 account's assigned e-mail address, username/password and incoming/outgoing mail servers (see above). The setup wizard varies with each Windows version, so if you're confused about any settings or options just choose the default.

These next steps are important and are NOT included in the Setup Wizard!

You must setup authentication for your Outgoing Mail Server in Outlook Express. These steps only apply after a POP3 account has been created using the setup wizard included with Outlook Express.

1. Launch Outlook Express and select the Tools > Accounts menu option.

2. Select your POP3 account (previously creating using the Setup Wizard) and then click the Properties button.

3. Click on the Server tab (see below) and check the "My server requires authentication" box.

4. Click the Settings button and make sure the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" option is selected (see below).

5. Click OK twice and then Close to exit.